Garden Watering Equipment

There are many different types of watering equipment that can help you with the irrigation of your garden, allotment and greenhouse.

A variety of watering equipment can be purchased depending on the size of your garden, the type of plants you have and your garden facilities.

Water Butts

The installation of a water butt in your garden can help you save water and use collected rainwater to irrigate your garden. Water butts are large containers that collect rainwater by being attached to guttering on your shed or house.

Water butts are covered, to stop debris filling the butt and clogging it, however, if scum and algae do start forming, you can purchase a biological rainwater treatment to keep your water clean. They often have a tap system to allow you to col lect water into a watering can for using your collected rainwater. Water butts work best by cutting one of the plastic down pipes from the guttering and inserting the water butt pipe to it.

They can vary in size, from 100 - 700-litre capacity depending on the space you have, there are also options for slimline butts to suit your outside space.

Garden Hoses

Often seen as a garden essential, there are many different types of water hose. As well as choosing the correct length hose needed for your garden, there are also other considerations such as the material.

  • Vinyl - A cheaper and lightweight option that is best suited to light watering tasks
  • Rubber - A more expensive and heavier option but is more durable and can survive tougher conditions, such as being dragged across the garden and getting caught in garden furniture
  • Mix - Some hoses are a vinyl and rubber mix, combining the lightweight nature of the vinyl with the flexibility of the rubber

When choosing a hose it is important to think of the storage, whether you need a retractable hose reel or whether to choose a flat hose which compresses down to save space. 

There are also a variety of attachments you can purchase for your hose to suit the needs of your watering requirement, whether it is a fine mist for delicate plants, or a high pressure soaking for large areas of lawn.