Golf Balls

Golf Balls

Whether you enjoy a casual game of golf or are a seasoned player, you can find a wide range of golf balls to suit any player here on eBay. Standard balls include one-piece balls, whereas other golf balls, including two-piece models, have specific uses. A general rule is that the more layers a golf ball has, the better quality it is and the further it will travel when hit. You can find golf balls from leading brands including Titliest, Srixon, Callaway and TaylorMade.

One-Piece Golf Balls

One-piece golf balls are usually made out of Surlyn with several dimples. They often have a very low level of compression, meaning that they wont give you a lot of distance. These are often found in crazy golf courses and at driving ranges.

Two-Piece Golf Balls

The two-piece balls solid core has the ability to transmit a lot of energy and it also has a tough cover. This helps to give the ball more speed and distance when struck, perfect for teeing off with.

Three-Piece Golf Balls

Three-piece balls have either a rubber or a liquid core. They also feature an enhanced layer of rubber and finally a covering of Surlyn. These balls are great for travelling across huge distances and they are much more suited to professional golfers. They are more expensive when compared to one-piece balls, but they also have the ability to really help step up your game.

Four-Piece Golf Balls

Each layer on the four-piece ball has a purpose. The layers work together to give you the longest hit as well as giving the softest feel. The core of a four-piece golf ball is made out of liquid or rubber with the outer layers designed to absorb shock without affecting the general spin of the ball.