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Graduated Camera Lens Filters

Graduated camera lens filters can make an interesting addition to your camera bag , offering high quality, lightweight design and premium grade optics. If you're looking to experiment with filters for your photo shoots, you'll find an extensive range of graduated camera lens filters from Cokin, Lee, Hoya and also unbranded versions.

Items available in graduated camera lens filters

Graduated camera lens filters can be found right across the price spectrum, from the high end Cokin X-Pro series, to the less expensive unbranded lens filter . For a standard graduated lens filter, there are many to choose from to suit all budgets and all levels of photography skills.

Lee professional quality neutral density graduated camera lens filters (0.3, 0.6, 0.9) offer graduations to equally balance the exposure difference between sky and foreground. Lee graduated filters are also available in hard graduation. Lee optical quality resin filters are available in soft or hard graduations and are most suited to landscape or coastal photography.

Used extensively by professional landscape photographers, Lee graduated filters help maintain a natural balance of colour clarity and detail throughout the overall image. These tried and trusted premium grade lens filters can be found at the higher end of the price spectrum.

Cokin is another trusted brand of graduated camera lens filters, offering premium grade filters at competitive prices. Suitable for most budgets and ideal for amateur photography enthusiasts or students, the Cokin H250A Graduated P Filter Kit contains 3 filters and a filter holder, enhancing the capabilities of your digital camera .

Created from CR-39 organic glass originally designed for vision lenses, Cokin filters are lightweight and durable, making them the choice of many professional photographers worldwide. These ultra light lens filters offer great quality optical transmission, evening out the exposure between foreground and sky to minimise 'burn out' areas on the images.

Kood graduated neutral density camera lens filters are created from the same CR-39 glass as Cokin filters, but come in at the lower end of the price spectrum. These standard graduated filters fit both Cokin and Lee holders and offer much the same functionality.

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