Grow Light Kits

Grow light kits for indoor plants

Growing plants and vegetables indoors offers all sorts of advantages. Garden bugs and pests cant get at them, and youre not at the mercy of the weather. Normal domestic lighting in your home is not bright enough to encourage photosynthesis. 

Plus, standard incandescent bulbs dont offer the complete spectrum of light, or intensity, to mimic the sun. For a fluorescent household bulb to be an effective grow light, theyd need to be placed within a few centimetres of the plant and remain on for 16 hours per day which isnt ideal. This is where grow bulbs come in. 

Low energy tube lights

Low energy tube lights deliver intense light but with a reduced heat output. This means that you can position the light closer to your plants. It also makes them perfect for enclosed spaces with less heat build-up. 

Very low cost to run, T5 fluorescent tubes maintain lumen output longer and generally cost less than HID lamps, great for producing even growth, thick foliage and strong stems. 

Strip lights

Offering a super bright 5050 SMD LED and 60 SMD LEDs per meter, strip lights are brilliantly flexible and waterproof, ideal for cultivating young plants, fruits and vegetables for perfect support during all stages of growth. 

Available to buy in a range of lengths, strip lights come with a self-adhesive back with double side adhesive tape for holding them in place. Theyre maintenance free and simple to install too. 

LED clip lamps

LED grow lights are ideal in that they use less electricity and give off less heat. Not only does this provide stronger, more direct lighting for your indoor plants but stops the surrounding area from becoming too hot. 

Bright and reliable, the LED could act as the only light source for your entire indoor garden. Complete with a flexible clip for easy to adjustment in all directions, these hydroponic supplies come with a handy long cable too. Perfect for all stages of plant growth, clip lamps increase yield and plant strength to help them really flourish.