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  • Tiger Guitar Amp Stand - Folding Amplifier Stand

    The Tiger Guitar Amplifier Stand is an ideal and affordable solution for the gigging musician. This amp stand is suitable for mounting your amplifier or speaker at an effective angle. With a sturdy, steel construction with a professional matte black finish, the Tiger Amp Stand cam be adjusted in height to suit your preference and adapt to the venue to get the best sound results and projection.
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  • VOX Guitar Speaker 12" Vintage

     Genuine Vintage VOX guitar speaker. 12 inch;  Impedance 8 Ohms. Marked: T1088 03LL Weight approx 4.5kg.
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    £9.90 postage
    Ending Today at 8:50AM BST1h 30mBrand: Vox
  • Fender Bassman head and 1x15 Cabinet

    For sale - Fender Bassman 400h and 1x15 cabinet. Great bass amp setup for pub and club gigging. Bassman 400h - 350W head from early 2000s, solid state. Made in Mexico. Plenty of features, sounds great. Comes with equalizer pedal. Bassman 1x15 cabinet - 80s Fender cabinet. Made in USA. I have replaced the speaker with a Celestion BN15-400X (£100) in the past 3 years, has not been gigged since then so has only had bedroom use. Both have signs of wear from general use but still function perfectly. Can deliver within 20 miles of Solihull for £20
    0 bidsEnding Today at 10:46AM BST3h 25mCollection in personBrand: Fender
  • New listingBlackstar HT5 Guitar Valve Amp

    Blackstar HT-5 guitar valve amp (non-reverb model) in good condition complete with kettle lead. As you will see from the photos, it's missing one of the dial covers, but I imagine these can be picked up cheaply enough.
    Brand: Blackstar
    £12.00 postage
  • Vox Ac15VR Guitar Amplifier

    Vox AC15VR Guitar Combo Amp in great condition. Just had a new volume pot fitted today and a full service, so grab a bargain. Collection only and cash on collection please
    0 bidsEnding Today at 3:26PM BST8h 6mCollection in personBrand: Vox
  • New listingBlackstar ID Core 10 Electric Guitar Amplifier Amp

    Great practice combo amp. Has loads of effects and can manage pretty much any genre. Never been gigged with. Easy to carry, has a handle attached. Everyone has commented what a great amp it is.
    Brand: Blackstar
    £6.00 postage
  • New listingMilkman Creamer Guitar Boutique 15W Valve Amp USA handbuilt

    As you can change so much with the tubes in the Creamer you already have a wide range of tones available. The front panel may look sparse for some but in reality it gives you all of the control you need for great tone.
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  • Blackstar FLY 3 Mini Guitar Amplifier Combo

    Blackstar FLY 3 Mini Guitar Amplifier Combo.
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    Brand: Blackstar
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  • Line 6 Spider IV 15 watt Guitar Amp

    Amp Models: 4 Amp Models: Clean, Crunch, Metal, Insane. In good working order. Collection only. Effects: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Tape Echo, Sweep Echo, Reverb and Tap Tempo. Up to 2 FX at once.
    0 bidsEnding Today at 3:06PM BST7h 45mCollection in personBrand: Line 6
  • New listingFender Rumble 100w (V3) Bass Amp

    Model Name: Rumble™ 100 (V3), 240V, Black/Silver. Pilot Light Jewel: Red LED. Series: Rumble™. Grill Cover: Black Textured Vinyl Covering with Silver Grille Cloth. Unique Features: Classic Fender styling, Eminence® speaker, soft-touch radio knobs, foot-switchable overdrive circuit and 3-button voicing palette, removable front grille, extremely lightweight, ported cabinet design.
    Brand: Fender
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  • Marshall Lead 20 Vintage Amp

    Made in England circa 1985, good condition.
    Brand: Marshall
    £10.00 postage
  • VOX VX 1 I Guitar Amplifier Modelling Amp

    The VX I features 11 classic amp models and eight distinct effects, and it allows for 22 unique user presets. The amp models cover a lot of ground, ranging from classic American and British amplifiers of the 1950s and 1960s, to the coveted sounds of the classic VOX AC30, to some modern, high-gain tone monsters.
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    Ending Today at 10:42AM BST3h 21mBrand: Vox
  • New listingOrange AD 15 Electric Guitar Combo Amp Amplifier Made In U.K.

    This Class A 15 Watt combo amp was built in the U.K. is in full working order and excellent condition. Hence its showroom condition.
    Collection in personBrand: Orange
  • Crafter guitar and Marshall amplifier

    Crafter semi acoustic guitar and Marshall amp. Tuner and capo. All in good condition.
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    Brand: Crafter
  • Marshall Class 5 Valve Combo Guitar Amp GREAT CONDITION PRICE DROPPED

    Marshall Class 5 (Model V5-01) 5 Watt Valve Combo Guitar Amp for sale. Great condition, only used a few times live and kept in a smoke-free studio. Valves still in perfect working order. Comes with cover as shown.
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    Brand: Marshall
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  • Orange crush 15R Guitar amplifier

    I have for sale my Orange 15R guitar amp. Great for practice, small gigs. Great tone ,tough little amp. Great condition. It has (as you can see in the pictures )my name written on the back of the amp in permanent marker pen. Whether it would come off I don't know, I've never tried! This auction is COLLECTION ONLY. ALL PAYMENTS THROUGH PAYPAL,NO CASH ON DELIVERY. Good luck any questions please ask me.
    1 bidEnding Today at 4:19PM BST8h 59mCollection in personBrand: Orange
  • Ibanez Guitar Practice Amp 12 Watt

    Hi, Welcome to the sale of this Ibanez 12 watt guitar practice amp . This amp is fully working , it has some marks on it though from tape and stickers. Collection available Please send payment 1 day after auction ends Kind regards
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    £8.00 postage
    Ending Today at 8:52PM BST13h 31mBrand: Ibanez
  • Marshall CODE50 1x12 Combo Guitar Amp

    Although Marshall are a little late to the game with affordable digital modelling they have done it well. The Marshall CODE50 should be a fantastic amp for a number of applications. They have used Softube MST technology to model classic and modern valve tones.
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    Brand: Marshall
  • Marshall MG15DFX guitar amplifier with effects

    Up for sale is my Marshall MG15DFX. This twin channel, 15 W, 1 x 8 " combo is the most affordable Marshall to ever house Digital Effects (DFX). Its impressive array of Reverb, Chorus, Flange and Delay effects are easy to dial-in and sound incredibly natural.
    Brand: Marshall
    £17.00 postage
  • Peavey Royal 8 Valve King 5 Watt Guitar Amplifier in Pristine Condition

    I have heard that these are voiced like a Vox and understand that they are popular with amp modders because they're apparently easy to work on. Some people like to change the speaker or valves but it sounds pretty good as it is to me.
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    Brand: Peavey
  • New listingFender G-DEC Junior GUITAR AMP Amplifier with Modelling & FX / effects

    Fender G-DEC Junior GUITAR AMP. Amplifier with Modelling & FX. 16 Amp Types, Including Tweed, Blackface ™, British, Hot Rod, Metal, Jazz, and Acoustic, Recreate the Guitar Tones Needed to Play any Style of Music.
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    Brand: Fender
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  • Marshall Valvestate 2000 AVT 150 Guitar amplifier

    Well used, but in full working order. True Marshall, gig worthy, with 150w on tap. All effects do exactly what they should. As typical of the big 150's the fan rattles a bit on power up but quietens to nothing after about 20 seconds.
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    Brand: Marshall

    Fender Pro Junior amp in full working order. Slight marking to one corner but otherwise in good condition (see photos). Local pickup only. Thanks for looking and any questions please ask.
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    Brand: Fender
  • Ashdown Engineering Superfly 500W Programmable Bass Guitar Amp Head

    I’m clearing out a few amps and cabs which I don’t use very much so here is an Ashdown Superfly 500W programmable bass head. It outputs a meaty 500W total when used in combination with 2 x 4 ohm speaker cabs and has 99 presets: 69 of which can be programmed by the user.
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    Brand: Ashdown
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  • Matamp GT50 2X12 Combo Amplifier

    Hi there, fairly rare Matamp GT50 2X12 Combo Valve amplifier for sale here. This was the last GT50 to ever leave the factory and they have now been discontinued. The amplifier provides 50 watts of classic Matamp tone from clean sounds to hi-gain distortion.
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    Brand: Matamp
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Guitar Amplifiers

A guitar amplifier works by boosting the signal from a guitar so it can be sent to a loudspeaker and heard. Guitarists typically care little about how amplifiers work and are interested only in how they sound.

There are many different types of guitar amplifier available and they all create a different sound and have different qualities:

Practice amplifier

  • Small, low power amplifiers
  • Sometimes powered by batteries 
  • Ideal for travelling
  • Often very portable
  • Ideal for quiet practice late at night
  • Amps designed for beginners from around £20 to more advanced models for professionals costing £200+

Combo amplifier

  • Both an amplifier and built in speaker(s)
  • No need for an external cabinet
  • Span over a very wide price range from affordable amps to top of the range models depending on make and model
  • More portable than a head and cabinet
  • Usually more affordable than buying a head and cabinet  

Amp heads

  • Only an amplifier – requires an external guitar cabinet
  • Less portable than combo amplifiers as you need the cabinet
  • Some more tone options available as you can choose which cabinet to pair a head with
  • Usually more expensive to buy a head and cabinet than a combo

Modelling amplifier

  • Uses modern technology to digitally emulate the sound of other amplifiers
  • Multiple amp models in one amplifier
  • Many tone options
  • Often have built in effects and/or stompboxes
  • Offer a lot of versatility and tonal options
  • Can be combo or head designs

Solid-state vs Valve/tube amps


  • Uses solid-state electronics such as transistors to amplify a signal
  • Generally more reliable
  • Require less maintenance
  • Less responsive
  • No true valve saturation


  • Uses vacuum valves/tubes to amplify the signal
  • More responsive to your playing
  • Often sound warmer
  • Preferred by many players for their tone and responsiveness
  • Valves need replacing after so much use
  • More fragile than solid state
  • Often more expensive than solid state
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