Gymnastics Training Equipment

Fitting out a gymnastics studio or getting the right kit for practice at home can be an expensive business, but it's important to find the right products for your training. Not only to aid performance but to ensure you're working safely too.

To help you find the right equipment for you, there is a range of different ways to refine your search. Searching by budget, brand and equipment type is just one way. You can also check out new and used products, which may open up your budget a little further.

Gymnastic Ribbons

A range of gymnastics ribbons is a must-have for any keen gymnast. They are relatively inexpensive to buy and they come in a huge array of colours and types. Choosing the right ones for you will come down to the way you'll be using it.

Example products include gymnastic and dance ribbons with twirling rods and multi-coloured streamers.

Gymnastics Bar

Some gymnastic bars are especially made for home use, and some for the studio, so be sure to find out which your chosen product is aimed at before you buy.
There are items like folding balance beams which are perfect for home training, and asymmetric uneven gym bars.

Gymnastics Mat

Protecting your body and the floor from gym activity is important. Mats are the easiest way to do that, and you'll need a good reliable mat designed for the surface you'll be working on.
You'll find items such as large folding floor mats which can be easily tucked away after use, to soft foam filled PVC gym mats.


Whether you're practising in a tighter space, or have more room to work in, you'll find parallettes to suit you. For some initial buying inspiration, products range from low wooden parallettes, to higher parallettes which can be used for Crossfit, gymnastics and push-up training.