Frequently Asked Questions About HDMI Camera Monitors

An HDMI camera monitor can connect with an external camera system and view a live feed or playback video. It simply hooks up to an HDMI source, which offers uncompressed digital audio and video. Choosing an affordable camera monitor can be difficult, but eBay can make the selection process easy.

What are different types of camera monitors?

Camera monitors can be roughly divided into two different categories:

  • Field Monitor - Designed for professional high-end photography or video, the field monitor connects to your digital camera and allows you to preview the image while in the field. These monitors tend to feature a very durable exterior that can withstand extreme weather and outdoor conditions. And despite their physical size, they often have a wide colour range, high contrast ratio, and large viewing angles. Some monitors may also come with a mount adapter.
  • CCTV Monitor - This monitor is designed to view or playback footage from a security and surveillance system. It resembles a basic computer monitor with a stand.
How do you choose the right monitor?

Camera monitors can vary widely in their feature set. Here is what you need to know about them:

  • Size - Camera monitors are quite small. They typically range in size between 5 inches and 10 inches in diagonal size, although sometimes they can be larger.
  • Resolution - Most camera monitors are likely to be limited to 1080p or 1200p resolution due to their physical size. However, some field monitors will accept inputs from the camera at a full 4K resolution, so you can see all the extra detail reflected on the screen.
  • Display Outputs - Apart from HDMI, some monitors have extra connections for VGA, RCA, or BNC. CCTV monitors are more likely to have older legacy outputs to deal with all kinds of hardware.
  • Advanced Functions - Field monitors in particular may be equipped with advanced functions such as pixel zoom, peaking, false colours, exposures, histograms, and more.
  • Extra Features - Extra features include built-in speakers, battery packs, USB ports, a headphone port, and in the case of field monitors, a hood.
What is an IPS monitor?

IPS, which stands for in-plane switching, is a certain type of LCD monitor. An IPS monitor has wide viewing angles and high colour reproduction. The quality of the image won't degrade when viewing from different angles, which is a problem with many other panels. IPS technology is commonly used in field monitors because you might not always be looking at the screen from a perfect angle.