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HDMI standard male to VGA/SVGA D-sub female cables and adapters for a quality output

In an ideal world, there would be just one way to connect all PCs, laptops, smart TVs and monitors together. Unfortunately, there are many different systems on the market, with the most common being HDMI and VGA. In order to connect these two different systems, you need to purchase a HDMI standard male to VGA/SVGA D-Sub female adapters. Using one of these adapters lets you output your visual display from a non-HD source into a HD one. 

What do HDMI standard male to VGA/SVGA D-sub female adapters do?

This HDMI adapter allows you to plug into the HDMI cable of your PC, laptop or other devices, and create a socket that is compatible with male VGA connectors, such as those found on standard monitor cables. 

Choosing the right HDMI adapter

The ‘male' part of the HDMI adaptor refers to something that plugs into a socket, while the ‘female' part refers to something that you plug into. It is important to make sure that your adapter is the right way round and that you have the right connections for your sockets and cables. Choose a model that also adapts the audio output for a full viewing experience. 

Picking the right cable length

You also need to consider how you will use your HDMI standard male to VGA/SVGA D-Sub female adapters and cables before you buy. If you are only using it to connect two devices in close proximity, then a short cable will do the job without cluttering up your workspace. However, if you want to connect two devices that are further apart, such as a laptop projector or a second screen on your desk, then you will need a longer cable. Again, choose the length carefully to avoid having excess cable trailing everywhere. 

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