Bring Style to Your Home With Hallway Rugs and Carpet Runners

Hardwood flooring looks cool, contemporary and stylish - but it can be impractical. If it gets cold, slippery, or dirty, then it's nice to have the homeliness of a hallway rug or carpet runner on top. Add character to your corridor by looking for a hallway rug and carpet runners on eBay, and liven up your hallway.

Choosing your hallway rug or carpet runner

When looking at carpet runners for hallways, it's not just about the pattern or colour. There are several practical issues that must be taken into consideration. This list gives you a few starting points.

  • It's essential to measure your hallway. You will want about 4 or 5 inches of flooring visible on each side of your rug. If it's too short, it will look a bit ridiculous, and if it's too long or wide, you'll have unwanted carpet creeping up your walls.
  • For a very long hallway, consider where you want your carpet runner to be placed. It should reach every doorway or entrance. If not, your corridor will look unbalanced.
  • Think about the material. You'll want a hard-wearing material. A blend of cotton and nylon is very durable, or you can opt for a synthetic fibre that will be easy to keep clean, and also stand up to people walking on it every day.
  • Look at not only the colour scheme of your home but also the style. In a very contemporary home, a traditional rug might look out of place, and vice versa.
Choosing a pattern of carpet runner

Take a look at the listings of rug runners for sale, and you'll find plenty available, so what will work for you? A solid colour is a simple option if you can't choose, but patterns also have their own unique properties. A striped runner gives the illusion of length and will make your corridor seem longer. Geometric rugs are good in cutting edge, contemporary homes, while floral patterns work better in a country-themed, traditional house.

How deep should the pile of your carpet runner be?

Think about what people will be wearing on their feet when they cross your corridor. If your hallway rug and carpet runners are near the front door, you'll want to keep the pile short. However, around the bedroom area, it's better to have a thicker pile for underfoot comfort.

How can you keep your hallway runner in place?

To stop your hallway runner slipping, choose one with a non-slip backing. If that's not an option, then you can buy a separate rug pad and place it underneath. It will be invisible but should hold your rug in place.