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Hama Camera Remotes and Shutter Releases

Hama Camera Remotes and Shutter Releases

Being able to take pictures with your camera while youre standing away from it is something many photographers will aspire to. Hama camera remotes and shutter releases allow you to do just this; attaching to your camera and enabling you to click a remote button that takes the picture without your hands having to be on the device.

It may be that you wish to place your camera on a tripod for a family photo. Or perhaps youre a professional photographer who takes lots of pictures. Or you might simply want to be able to take a picture of a place that is awkward to access, so want to position the camera without having to hold onto it.

Some types of Hama remotes and shutter releases

Wired remote control cables for your camera are the type that plug into your cameras shutter release button mechanism. Many high end SLR and DSLR cameras (Single Lens Reflex and Digital Single Lens Reflex) come equipped with this facility, being designed to allow the attachment of your remote release cord.

Wireless remote releases from Hama act in the same way as the wired variety, except you dont require a cable to be attached to the camera . Usually, these devices will attach to your camera in the same manner as for a wired version, but they operate with a Bluetooth or radio frequency signal, so you dont have to be so close to the camera as would be necessary if the wire was connected.

Some of the Hama remotes and shutter releases you can buy plug directly into a mini USB socket, so you wont require a special shutter release mechanism on the camera to use these particular items.

You should obviously check your own camera to make sure which version of the shutter release remote is most suitable.

About the Hama brand

Originally founded in Dresden, Germany, in the 1920s, Hama Photo have become widely regarded throughout the world as a supplier of top quality photographic equipment and accessories.

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