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Handheld Make Up Mirror

Handheld make up mirrors come in many different styles, sizes and designs. They are a great way to check your make up or general appearance whilst on the go and can be easily slipped into everyday handbags and evening clutches alike for maximum practicality.

Compact mirrors for ease of transportation

Compact make up mirrors can be used to quickly check your appearance. They are highly transportable and will ensure you look your very best while travelling or away from a larger mirror. From small cosmetic mirrors with LED lighting to simple flip-open designs small enough to fit into your pocket, there are many compact mirror variations available. While some are plain in design or printed with beautiful retro designs, others feature cute characters that are more suited to the younger generation.

Magnifying mirrors for precision make up

Magnifying make up mirrors make things bigger, allowing for perfect precision tweezing and make up application. Not only do they allow you to see your flaws in detail enabling you to conceal them in the most effective way, but they also make it easier to apply lip-liner, eye pencil, foundation or any other cosmetics that require a good attention to detail.

They are designed to be held, but many also come with suction cups allowing you to press them onto flat, smooth tiles for ease of use. Swirl mirrors also tend to be magnified on one side of the glass and not on the other, helping you to see your face both normally and close up.

Vintage mirrors for effortless style

Vintage style mirrors typically come with a long, easy-to-hold handle. Many feature an oval mirror and elaborate detailing. Classic silver designs remain popular but you can also get hold of brightly coloured vintage mirrors in pink, purple, blue and white that may appeal to children, teenagers and adults alike. The material of frames and handles range from metal to plastic.

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