Hard Drive Recorders

Available from a range of top brands, such as Panasonic, Sony, Pioneer plus many more, hard drive recorders provide a perfect option for recording and replaying your favourite shows and films. There is a variety of brand new, refurbished and used options available offering high definition viewing with large storage options, allowing you to save your favourite programmes. Many HDD recorders provide Freeview and TV functionality, giving you access to programmes, films and the Internet when it suits you.

Freeview TV

For many hard drive recorders, Freeview comes as standard and is often delivered in high definition quality. This free TV service provides some of the best channels via your normal TV aerial plus many extras, such as radio stations and HD channels. Some devices and models also offer the Freeview Play option that allows you to watch the last seven days of TV at your pleasure. With the recording function, you'll never miss a show and if two programmes overlap, you'll have the chance to record both shows to avoid missing out.

Internet and TV Anywhere

A hard drive recorder offers the option of watching your favourite shows anywhere. Connect the device to your network and watch recordings and live TV from any device including your smartphone or tablet. You also have the option to watch anything away from your home with the 'TV anywhere' feature. These devices also offer access to the Internet to stream video and music to your TV and watch your favourite shows on Amazon Prime or Netflix.

Repair Kits and Parts

If you're looking to repair a fault with your hard drive recorder, there is a selection of repair kits and components for typical fault codes and errors. Replacement parts offer an ideal way to prolong the life of the machine and fix small issues.