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Hasbro Taboo Board and Traditional Games

Hasbro are one of the best known toy manufacturers in the world and their toys and games are considered to be of a consistently high standard, both in terms of design and construction. Hasbro Taboo board and traditional games will provide players with hours of fun.

For those who haven't played Taboo, it is a game that sounds simple, but it is actually quite challenging and requires a quick witted approach. With different variations on gameplay, the central idea of the game is to try and provide your team with the clues they need to guess specific words and phrases, without mentioning the obvious 'Taboo' words related to them. If you fail to achieve this before the timer runs out, then the squeaker is sounded and you will lose a point.

Four or more players can take part in a Taboo board game , which makes it ideal for families, friends and dinner parties.

The items included in a Hasbro Taboo set

This Hasbro board game comes with all the necessary equipment to get started and play the game, straight out of the box. Firstly, the game includes a large pack of Taboo cards. These are an essential part of the game as they contain the various words and phrases for your team to try and guess, along with five Taboo words, which you must not use to help them.

There will also be a sand timer in the Taboo set. This sand timer is used for each player's turn. By turning it over when the descriptions and guesses start, the end of the turn is reached either when the word or phrase is correctly guessed or the sand in the timer runs out.

There are also other useful accessories included in a Taboo set such as a squeaker to sound at the end of a player's turn, a score pad to keep track of the points scored and lost in the game and a game changer die to mix up gameplay, making the game even more exciting. Of course, there is also a game guide included too, so that there can be no arguments about the rules.

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