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Hasselblad Camera Lens Filters

The lens filter on a camera changes the way an image will look on exposure. The type of filter used determines the level of change. A Hasselblad medium format camera does not have an anti-alias filter which improves sharpness but at the cost of moire and there are more megapixels. The lack of an AA filter can improve landscape photography, but is not ideal for other types of photography.

Polarising lens filters for Hasselblad cameras

Light rays that are reflected by a surface become polarised so polarising camera lens filters are used to select which light rays are allowed to enter the lens. The filter will remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces, saturate colours and increase contrast.

There are two types of polarising filters - linear and circular - both of which have the same effect. Linear polarisers are suitable for older camera metres, while circular polarisers are for the newer split-beam metering systems that are used in auto focus cameras. They are fitted via a screw mount or bayonet and area available in different sizes according to the size of the lens mounts.

It is possible to attach larger Hasselblad lens filters to smaller lens mounts using step-up rings, or standard 67mm and 77mm filter adapter rings. The diameter, filter factor and exposure value reduction (EV) are engraved on the edge of each filter. On the negative side, using a filter will result in a slight loss of brightness.

Linear polarisers work well with manual cameras although they may result in different exposure readings with cameras that have through the lens metering. The can also adversely affect the autofocus performance.

Hasselblad circular polarisers create sky and cloud contrast and can saturate colours without changing the colour balance. The mount rotates by way of a front ring in order to control the level of effect you require. Polariser filters can be adjusted to eliminate or reduce reflections on glass or water.

A Hasselblad Skylight UV filter absorbs UV radiation, thereby reducing a blue haze but without affecting the colours of the image. This filter is suitable for use with a Hasselblad H1 camera and is available in a range of different sizes to suit your needs.

Special effects lens filters for Hasselblad cameras

Hasselblad Fisheye, panoramic and diffuser camera lenses add a professional edge to your images and allow you to master a whole range of effects, rather than a standard shot.

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