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Hasselblad Camera Photo Straps and Hand Grips

Cameras can be heavy pieces of equipment, especially if you attach additional lenses for increased optical zoom. If you are out and about somewhere beautiful, you don't want to be constantly putting your camera away in its bag when it becomes too heavy to hold and then rushing to take it out again when you see you another photo-worthy subject. Hasselblad camera photo straps and hand grips are the ideal choice to ease the burden and ensure your camera is always easily accessible.

Camera straps and hand grips can be especially beneficial if you suffer pain in your hands for any reason, as they are designed to be comfortable and to allow you to relax your hands.

Ergonomic options

Hasselblad have produced several different designs to help you comfortably support your camera. Straps that are worn around your neck are probably the most popular option. Made from genuine leather, these camera straps are both strong and soft against the skin. Neck straps come in different widths for your comfort. The heavier your camera, the wiser it is to purchase a wide strap to spread the weight more evenly.

As well as camera neck straps, Hasselblad also produce camera hand grips. A pistol grip attaches to the base of your Hasselblad camera, giving you an easier way to hold the camera. It will also give you a touch of vintage style. If you use an external flash, a flash bracket can be useful device for supporting and positioning your flash.

Hasselblad - the brand

Swedish camera brand Hasselblad was established by Victor Hasselblad. The company is famous for producing excellent medium-format cameras, along with a range of photographic equipment and accessories.

The Hasselblad brand hit the news when their cameras journeyed into space during the Apollo missions. Virtually all of the iconic moon landing photographs were taken by Hasselblad cameras that had been specially modified for space travel.

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