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Hasselblad Camera Straps and Hand Grips

Hasselblad camera straps and hand grips allow for safe, comfortable photography. Suitable for novices and professionals alike, straps and grips come in many different styles and designs, all of which are compatible with specific Hasselblad camera models.

Hasselblad Camera Straps

Hasselblad camera straps are typically made from strong, durable leather that's designed to stand the test of time. They attach to Hasselblad cameras with ease and help you to hold onto your camera without dropping it. If your camera slips from your hands for any reason, if you were travelling over bumpy ground while trying to film wildlife for example, the camera strap would be secure enough to prevent the camera from hitting the ground. These are great for long shoots where you need your camera to hand, but are not constantly taking snaps.

There are two main types of camera strap . Those that go over the shoulder and those which slip over the wrist. While shoulder straps are perhaps more useful for bulkier cameras allowing them to hang neatly down the side of the body, wrist straps are the ideal safety solution for small, compact and easily portable devices. Camera straps can be removed as and when necessary but should be used whenever possible to be effective.

Hasselblad Hand Grips

Many of the Hasselblad hand grips feature the famous Hasselblad logo and are a stylish accessory for any photographer. One of the main purposes of a hand grip is to make photography as comfortable as possible, particularly during long or intensive photo shoots. Perfectly styled to fit the contours of your hand, they're easy to grip and help to keep cameras still allowing you to shoot photographs that are sharp and not blurry.

Many Hasselblad products also offer a left-hand grip. Styles vary with the Hasselblad pistol grip being particularly popular. This accessory holds the camera and triggers the shutter. Exposure is achieved by pushing your thumb in a downward motion. They screw into the tripod mounting on the bottom of most cameras.

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