Capture Picture Perfect Shots with Hasselblad

Hasselblad started manufacturing their award-winning cameras from their Gothernburg factory in 1841. With large lenses, sharp optics, and useful modularity to allow independent upgrades, a Hasselblad camera offers a wide range of features to all photography enthusiasts. You can browse eBay to find the right new or used Hasselblad camera model for your needs. 

Are Hasselblad cameras designed for professional photographers? 

The company manufactures a wide range of cameras that are intended for both consumer and professional use. Most of the cameras manufactured by the company is intended for professional or studio use, but feel equally at home in the hands of novice photographers. They also come with an autofocus system that measures and accounts for focus and compose errors. 

Can Hasselblad cameras be used with interchangeable lenses? 

Yes, these cameras can accommodate different lenses. H-System lenses were developed for use with most Hasselblad camera models and make use of Zeiss optics, but backs and viewfinders can also be swapped out to suit specific shoot needs or upgrade your kit permanently. 

What is the Hasselblad H6D? 

The H6D is a digital SLR camera that is dedicated to capturing perfect images. The camera features a 100 megapixel CMOS sensor that gives it the ability to capture full frame pictures with extremely wide-angle lenses. The H6D uses a mirrorless design which makes the unit rather compact for a camera with such a large image sensor. 

Does Hasselblad only manufacture cameras? 

The company manufactures a wide range of products which include cameras, lenses, scanners, and software. The company has in the past manufactured industrial equipment, including reconnaissance cameras commissioned by the Swedish army. Since the company’s roots lie in the import and export business, their expertise and being located in a port city allowed them to export their optical products worldwide. 

Are there any noteworthy Hasselblad cameras? 

Yes, the company has manufactured quite a few noteworthy products over the years, including:  

  • 500C: This camera model was used by astronauts during the Apollo mission.
  • XPan: These cameras were the first Hasselblad’s that could be used with 35 mm film.
  • H-Series: The H-Series was Hasselblad’s first foray into the production of mirrorless cameras.
  • X1D: This is Hasselblad’s award-winning 50 megapixel large format camera.

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