Hearing Aids

Hearing assistance supplies for crystal clear sound

Notice a difference in your hearing by picking up some hearing assistance supplies from this great range. In this selection, youll find loads of hearing accessories to improve the quality of your hearing, from simple replacement batteries for your hearing aid to hearing amplifiers, so youre sure to find the daily living aids youre looking for. 

Hearing aid batteries

If you love getting out and about but youre worried about your hearing, pick up some spare hearing aid batteries to keep in your bag to prevent missing out on the fun. Hearing aid batteries come in slim packets that are ideal for slipping into your bag while youre on the go, which are specially designed to let you remove one at a time without losing any. 

Look out for the right size of battery to fit perfectly into your hearing aid, and go for mercury-free types for peace of mind. You could even go for a multi-pack of batteries to make sure youre stocked up. 

Hearing aid cleaners

To make sure your hearing aid is in tip-top condition, look out for hearing aid cleaners or cleaning kits. For a really thorough clean, a hearing aid cleaning kit is a great choice. With multiple tools to get into even the tightest of spaces, a cleaning kit is an essential addition to your hearing assistance supplies. 

Hearing amplifiers

A must-have accessory for those with a hearing impairment, a hearing amplifier or hearing aid works to amplify sound into the ear at a louder volume, making it easy for you to hear. These subtle devices can be discreetly worn inside the ear, and are completely portable thanks to the use of battery power. 

Go for a behind-the-ear style hearing amplifier with the battery pack worn behind the ear, or choose a super small hearing amplifier to slip into your ear.