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Safely and Swiftly Gather Hoovered-Up Dust With Henry Hoover Vacuum Bags

No vacuum cleaner comes with unlimited storage capacity, which means that sooner or later, you will have to buy replacement hoover bags for your model if you want it to keep serving its use. In particular, bags designed for Numatic's line of Henry Hoover hoovers are especially well-crafted, effective, and found for sale all over eBay. Here's what you need to know about them as you go about shopping for replacements.

What are some of Henry Hoover bags' most prominent features?

Hoover bags are where all the dust, dirt, food particles, and other filth that your hoover sucks up from your floor ultimately end up. Henry Hoover vacuum cleaner bags have a maximum capacity of about 3.785 litres. They feature five layers of filtration and a dust-proof collar that swiftly and efficiently filter out all surrounding dust, making the bags ideal for allergy sufferers who are especially sensitive to dust and other irritants in the air. The bags' special Hepa-flo technology is what allows them to so efficiently filter out dust.

The bags are made of microfibre, which is a sturdy but fine-grained enough material as to be able both to capture extremely small dust particles and to not be damaged if larger dust particles happen to be caught within.

With which hoover models do Henry Hoover bags work?

Henry Hoover bags are designed to fit with a wide array of Numatic hoover models, including all so-called "Henry," "Hetty," "Basil," and "James" models. However, with regard to Henry Hoover hoover models specifically, these bags work with the following models:

  • HZQ200 and HZQ250
  • NNV200, NQS250
  • Many models from the NRV series
  • Many models from the NV series
  • Many models from the NVH and NVP series
  • Many models from the NVQ and NVR series
  • Many models from the RSV series
  • SE250

To see a complete listing of all Numatic hoover models - beyond simply the Henry Hoovers - with which these bags are compatible, check the labels on the bags themselves.

Is it important to buy genuine Henry Hoover bags?

The advantage of buying genuine Henry Hoover bags manufactured by Numatic is that the bags are sure to be compatible with all of the Numatic hoovers that are listed on their labels, being as both are made by the same manufacturer. While there is some incompatibility risk associated with generic hoover bags, even the usually generics work quite well.

Both original and generic versions of Henry Hoover hoover bags are available for sale in abundance on eBay, so you will be able to find whichever you happen to prefer.

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