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Henry Vacuum Cleaners

Henry Vacuum Cleaners

Best known for their smiley faces, Henry vacuum cleaners are available in various models across the Numatic range and offer a superior level of cleaning power around the home or office. Henry hoovers have robust shells yet remain lightweight and portable cylinder vacuum cleaners. They include bagless, HEPA and washable filter options. All can be purchased across new, used and manufacturer refurbished choices and come complete with a full tool kit on board.

Dustbusting Power

The Numatic range of Henry vacuum cleaners includes the standard 620W Henry Hoover. This 7.5kg model has an impressive 6-litre capacity and a high/low feature which boosts power seamlessly to 1200W at the flick of a switch.

The 8kg Henry Xtra offers a little more capacity and an array of different accessories and features to cope with most cleaning tasks in hand. Its larger Aero brush head is particularly useful at removing pet hairs and its hard floor nozzle is excellent for cleaning laminate floors.

Innovative Features

Henry vacuum cleaners offer a professional standard of cleaning around the home and include innovative features such as high efficiency motors and Tritex filtration systems to enable long-lasting and durable cleaning power. Some Henry vacuum cleaners also include cost-cutting features such as ECO energy efficient technology.

Henry vacuum cleaners also incorporate special anti-allergy filtration systems meaning that users wont be troubled when dust becomes agitated. The Henry Micro features a Microtex Filtration System which offers an extra level of protection for those who may suffer from dust allergies or asthma.

Meet the Family

Henry vacuum cleaners are available as a distinctive ‘family of hoovers and include Henry in its signature red and black colourways or its pink and black counterpart ‘Hetty. The range has also expanded to specialise in all sorts of clean-up jobs and include wet and dry models such as ‘Charles (in blue) and ‘George (in green) designed mop up spillages and to be tough on stains.