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Spend some days in the sun with a package holiday or short break. With the eBay travel deals, you'll be spoilt for choice. Sleep in style in a luxury villa or hotel or if you’re heading for a city break choose an apartment or timeshare. Whatever your preferred holiday accommodation you’ll find caravans, cottages, bungalows and B&Bs in range to suit your budget. Find the lowest airfare discount or the best resort listing for your vacation. Find train, bus and coach tickets for shorter journeys or find hot deals on a hire car. eBay has everything you need for your special travel holiday at unbeatable prices. Have a look at the deals in this section. Everything you might need for your holiday is for sale and just a click away.

Travel Tips from our Expert
When planning your trip, plan your suitcase too. Make a list of all essentials to prevent you from over-packing (do you need three hair brushes?) and from leaving an important item behind. Suddenly remembering you forgot an important piece of clothing halfway to the airport is never fun.Depending on where you’re travelling to, the weather might be slightly or drastically different. Our advice: check the weather reports online, pack essentials accordingly.

To roll or to fold?
…that is, indeed, the question. eBay's answer: do both. Travel experts often swear by the space-saving efficiency of rolling your clothes into neat little, well, rolls. They might have a point. With certain wrinkle-prone garments, however, you’re better off just folding. You certainly wouldn’t want to make a compact roll out of that starch collar shirt you usually go to job interviews in. As a general rule of thumb, the fluffier the garment, the more roll-able it is.

Price Adjustment on Travel Accommodations
Search eBay for good deals on flights and lodging. Find the accommodation that suits your expectations. eBay offers a wide selection of different accommodations. Pick the one that best fits within the context of your perfect holiday. Never mind those ridiculously high resort prices, travel accommodation should be affordable for everyone.

Forget Hotels
For great family holidays on the cheap nothing beats eBay's long list of offers. Whether you're searching for a short-term flat rental in Central London or a beach house in Thailand, eBay has a deal for you. Browse the various cruises and flight destinations and plan your perfect summer getaway!