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Appliances for a Modern Kitchen

Appliances save you time and money. The wide range labour saving accessories being sold on eBay covers everything from laundry dryers to vacuums that leave your floor spotless, dishwashers to induction cooking ovens that become an inseparable part of your kitchen. Check out the latest American style fridge freezers (with a built-in ice maker), or our high-tech, economy washing machines that save the environment too. From irons and toasters to hobs and hoods, we’ve got all the biggest names at the smallest prices.

Your Dream Kitchen Awaits
Enhance the functionality of your kitchen and simplify your life with eBay's range of cooking and cleaning accessories, both big and small. Use the eBay search filter to view the ones with a design that suits your kitchen's interior. Make use of our coupons and discounts to update your kitchen appliance collection. Select purchases of value by comparing item descriptions of various accessories. For example, what kind of refrigerator suits your particular needs? Think about your food buying and cooking habits. Do you need a full-depth fridge? It will probably take up lots of space you could use for something else. Perhaps a counter-depth model would suit you better? It all depends on your food habits.

Cooking Up Ideas
Having difficulty deciding between a standard slide-in freestanding range or a stainless-steel commercial type range? Well, that would depend on your budget, but whatever you choose, it's going to be a serious long-term investment, so choose wisely. Make sure you check out eBay's selection of wall mount range hoods with easy installation as well. But why limit yourself to just kitchen appliances? Explore our offers for mountable wall TVs! Just because you're cooking, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy watching your favourite TV show on a big screen, does it?

Food Processor for Your Kitchen
Tired of slicing and chopping all those veggies each and every day? Get a food processor! Move over kitchen mixers; the modern food processor can puree anything you put in it! You can even throw away your old coffee grinder because the food processor can turn coffee beans into a fine powder in no time.

Choosing a Washer
Washers, just like fridges and other white goods, come in all shapes and sizes these days and choosing the right one is hard. There are front-loaders (where the door is in the front) and top-load ones (door on top). Depending on the size of your usual load of laundry, you can get a bigger or a smaller washer. Keep in mind that the bigger models will use more water.