Home Conservatories

A home conservatory can extend a room and allow you to enjoy a middle ground between indoors and outdoors. Picking the right conservatory for your home will depend on your house itself, available size and it's intended purpose.

It's worth researching the different styles before you start shopping to see what will go well with your property. Discover classic UPVC white structures to add to a modern home, or go with a rich mahogany to add a classic touch to your property.


If you'd like to buy a new conservatory, or simply find a part to replace one that's missing or damaged from an existing structure, looking at the new category is best. Many new conservatories are designed in old styles, such as Victorian, Edwardian or old-style orangeries.

When it comes to the conservatories themselves, styles include vintage, glass-roofed verandas, orangeries, UPVC rosewood Georgian style structures and tilted glass roofed conservatories.


Typical modern conservatories include items like contemporary style garden rooms. If you choose to open up your options and your budget by looking at refurbished and used conservatories, you'll find a range of affordable modern conservatories. You can also find insulated roofs for modern style conservatories. Updating your existing conservatory roof is just another smart way of getting all-year-round use from it.

Lean-to Conservatories

If space is a problem, and you'd still like to extend your home and enjoy your garden, a lean-to can work especially well. There are full height versions, styles with dwarf brick walls and those with French doors which really open up the garden views. You can find glass porches, while other examples include complete hipped lean-to styles and small, double glazed garden rooms. You can pick up a bargain if you consider used conservatories too.