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Home Underfloor Heating Systems

Get toasty with underfloor heating equipment

While radiators are the more popular choice in home heating as theyre affordable and easy to run, people tend to forget the alternative. Underfloor heating equipment turns your house into a home, preventing extra cold flooring so you can walk around barefoot in the winter. 

The benefits

Underfloor heating systems are affordable to run, energy efficient and distribute heat throughout the room evenly. Provide some well-needed heat to your cold flooring in the winter, perfect for tiles in the bathroom or kitchen. 

Underfloor heating can also add value to your home whilst creating a sense of true luxury. 

Install underfloor heating in multiple rooms to keep your home truly comfy. Depending on how the underfloor heating is installed, you can operate each heated room on an independent thermostat, creating the perfect temperature in your home. 

As a result, you may actually have to clean up less. Underfloor heating results in less air movement, and therefore, less dust movement. Not only are radiators themselves hard to clean, but they also cause more mess in comparison to the underfloor heating system. 

The different types

You can choose from a wet system consisting of pipes that pump warm water beneath the floor, or three types of dry systems. While wet systems are more expensive to install due to the nature of piping, they are cheaper to run in comparison to the dry systems, which are cheaper to install and more expensive to run. 

Dry systems are more common and also easier to install by yourself, whereas you need a professional for wet systems. Heated floor mats are available for dry systems, which are relatively cheap and able to heat up big spaces and rectangular rooms. However, if you have a small, oddly shaped room, or only desire to heat one room, then the more expensive coils might be ideal for you. 

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