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Hoya ND Lens Filter

Hoya ND lens filters are high quality optical enhancement equipment. Hoya products incorporate precise Japanese engineering and innovative technology. Hoya filters will enable you to take sharp images, carefully enhancing the light to enable you to produce professional standard photography, even when you're taking photos of tricky subjects such as water, wildlife and cityscapes.

Neutral density filters

Reduce or modify the intensity, wavelength, and colour of an image without altering the hue of the colour rendition with neutral density, or ND, filters . These filters are frequently colourless or grey in their appearance.

ND filters are used to reduce the amount of light entering the lens . Reducing the amount of light allows the photographer to select combinations of aperture, exposure time and sensor sensitivity, whilst preventing over exposure. Use of a ND filter will allow effects such as a shallow depth of field, a reduction in the motion blur of the subject and enhanced atmospheric conditions.

Hoya ND lens filters

The graduated ND 10 balances exposure between the lightest and darkest areas of an image, enabling images with better toning and super sharp detail. The graduated ND 10 has a darker 3 stop top section and a 1 stop bottom section. The filter is designed for taking images of areas that include bright sky.

The ND X2 is designed for images taken in extreme light intensity, such as in sunshine and snowy mountains or on the beach. Alternatively the ND is a lens filter for use with camcorder and is considered by many a camcorder essential. The ND X2 has no effect on the colour or balance of the image.

The ND X400 has a 9 stop light reduction equivalent to an ND optimal density of 2.7. The use of a ND400 allows for wider aperture or slower shutter speeds, creating dramatic images that would otherwise be distorted or blurred by light.

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