Hunting Gun Cases

House and Protect Your Guns with a Gun Case

A gun case makes handling multiple guns easy, especially when youre going out into the woods, to the gun shop, or just taking range. These cases are made of different materials and are designed to fit a range of guns and accompaniments. For instance, if you need something to carry extra magazines or want a sleeve that provides basic protection, youve got options.

What sizes do these gun cases come in?

Gun cases come in multiple sizes. The right size for you would depend on the firearms you carry. For instance, multiple guns cannot go inside a case thats designed for one long gun.

  • Single gun case: These compact and light cases are made for a single shotgun or rifle - usually taking in rifles with scope.
  • Two-gun case: This case can easily accommodate a single gun, and also offers enough space to carry accessory items. By the way, not all two-gun cases can carry two scoped guns. Go through the cases specifications and check whether it could carry them both before you buy it on eBay.
  • ATV-specific case: These cases securely fasten to your ATV while youre heading to your destination or returning from a hunting spot. The case is usually made of high-impact plastic that prevents damage caused by tree branches.
Should you buy a hard-shell gun case?

Hard-shell gun cases are fairly common. Earlier versions of hard cases were custom-made from wood (as the material was easily available back then) to accommodate specific gun types. Wooden cases are now primarily relegated to antique dealers and collectors. Metal and plastic are other common hard shell case material options. Metal cases are made from aluminium, which makes the case strong, light, and professional to look at. Plastic cases are strong and lightweight too. These cases are lined with closed-cell, dense foam to protect the guns finish while its resting inside the case.

Is there any alternative to a hard-shell gun case?

If youre looking for something lightweight and soft from both the inside and outside, a soft case is a good option. Often made of ripstop fabrics, soft gun cases are easy to carry and still offer enough protection. The inside is typically soft foam-lined and can accommodate guns and accessories. The body on the outside usually has pouches to hold additional magazines, cleaning supplies, and ammunition. The case also negates the need for carrying an additional range bag, as most of the commonly required supplies would fit into the outside pouches.