Build the PC of Your Dreams with an i7 Bundle

If you're you looking to build a custom PC or upgrade your existing hardware, purchasing an i7 bundle can help save you time and money. A custom core i7 motherboard combo often includes all the components you'll need to turn your laptop or desktop computer into a high-performance work machine or gaming PC. You'll find many i7 processor and motherboard bundles available on eBay.

What usually comes included with a motherboard CPU bundle?

With an i7 bundle, you can expect a fast processor. The exact speed and performance of the CPU will vary from version to version, but in general, Core i7 processors are offer high-level gaming and excellent entertainment experiences. In addition to the actual CPU, most bundles also include an Intel i7 motherboard and RAM. Some bundles may include other extras, such as a CPU cooler, external computer casing, or a graphics card.

What are some of the different versions of i7 processors?

Core i7 bundles on eBay come with different generations of processors, so it's important to understand some of the differences between each of the versions. When it comes to the model name or CPU identifier, the first number usually indicates its generation. For example, the Core i7 9770k is a 9th generation processor, which means it would be newer than the Core i7 8700k. However, newer doesn't always mean that it's faster or better. Here are some examples which show some of the different specifications found on Core i7 processor models:

  • Core i7 7700k: A 7th generation processor with 6 cores and 8 threads. It offers a maximum speed of 4.50 GHz and offers a cache of 8 MB.
  • Core i7 8700k: An 8th generation processor with 6 cores and 12 threads. It offers a maximum speed of 4.60 GHz and offers a cache of 12 MB.
  • Core i7 9770k: A 9th generation processor with 8 cores and 8 threads. It offers a maximum speed of 4.90 GHz and offers a cache of 12 MB.
What do core and thread count refer to?

A core is a processing unit contained in an individual computing chip. If a chip has more cores, the processor will deliver faster processing speeds. Threads, on the other hand, basically refer to the number of commands or instructions that a single core can process. When running a large program, a CPU divides the sequences into threads, which allows the CPU to execute quicker commands.