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IKEA Bedding

IKEA are famous for the quality of their materials and their contemporary Scandinavian design. IKEA bedding comes in a great range of colours, materials and patterns. IKEA bedding includes pillow cases , bed sheets, duvets and duvet covers, as well as whole bedding sets .

Thread Count

The quality of the material used in bedding is usually measured in thread count. Thread count is calculated by the number of threads running along two sides of a square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count the higher the quality of the fabric. High thread count fabrics will generally be more durable, thicker, warmer, and have a longer shelf life than low thread count options. A high quality bedding is usually around 300 thread count.


Cotton IKEA bedding is soft, easily washable, and will hold colour well. 100% cotton is harder to iron than poly cotton or microfibre bedding, although creases can always be concealed with a stylish throw or blanket. Cotton bedding is soft, and when newly washed it has a wonderfully crisp feeling against the skin.

Polycotton is a cotton and polyester blend. Polycotton does not crease anywhere near as much as cotton and therefore requires much less ironing. Polycotton IKEA bedding is generally not as soft as 100% cotton products. Polycotton bedding is great for children's bedding, as it is easier to wash and quick drying.

Microfibre bedding is made from synthetic materials. It is lighter and thinner than cotton bedding, and will generally dry quicker. Microfibre IKEA bedding holds colour really well and so it is well suited to vibrant patterns and designs. As with cotton, the quality of microfibre is indicated by its thread count.

Polyester bedding is highly durable, and will hold its shape even after many washes. As with microfibre bedding, polyester IKEA bedding requires less maintenance that cotton varieties. As polyester bedding holds colour very well many of IKEA's more brightly printed bed sheets will be of polyester design. As with cotton the quality of polyester is measured in thread count.

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