Soothe, Preserve, and Restore with an Ice Pack

Every household should have at least one ice pack on the ready for those moments when a bag of frozen peas just won't cut it. Reusable ice packs distribute their cold better than food items, create less mess than bags of ice, and can be customised for first-aid, chronic pain relief, food storage, and spa days. You will find a wide selection of ice packs on eBay to suit a range of needs, at prices you can afford.

Should you use instant ice packs or reusable ones?

Both types of ice pack have their advantages in different situations. An instant ice pack makes its own cold through a chemical reaction, so it doesn't need to be stored in the freezer. This makes instant ice packs a great choice for first-aid kits and other situations where you're on the go. There are several popular ice pack brands and other, unbranded options. Instant ice packs can only be used once, however, so around the house it makes more sense to keep reusable ice packs. Use them on sore necks and in your lunch, then pop them in the freezer so they're ready for next time.

Why are ice packs better than ice or other freezer items?

Ice cubes begin to thaw as soon as you pull them from the freezer, and the water often leaks from the bag in an inconvenient mess. Frozen peas or steak may seem like a handy solution, but it's unhealthy to thaw and freeze food repeatedly without risking food poisoning. Ice packs are composed of flexible materials that easily conform to your body without any sticky clean-up.

What different kinds of ice pack are available?

You might be surprised at the range of ice packs, reusable and instant, with different ingredients, sizes and features. Each is designed for different needs and performs optimally in their specific circumstances. Here are a few kinds to consider:

  • Ice packs with cuffs and elastics: An all-in-one ice pack that includes a strap or tensor to help hold the pack in place, so you don't have to scrounge for additional supplies.
  • Ice packs for coolers: Sometimes made of inflexible plastic that holds cold extremely well but wouldn't curve to your body, these ice packs are handy for keeping food fresh.
  • Cloth-covered ice packs: When you've got a minor ache and don't want the harsh cold of a gel pack, cloth-covered ice packs are a comforting option.
  • Instant ice packs: Great for one-time use when you're on the go.