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Icom Radio Communication Equipment

Utilised by many, Icom radio communication equipment is held to a high standard due to their reputation for well-made and functional products. Being used in marine fashion, race officers, PBR (Private Business Radio) and by amateurs (HAM radios). Icom's radio equipment is especially useful when used for communication between vessels, including commercial shipping and ferries, as well as coastguards. 

General functions

The typical handheld radio from Icom features 32 digital channels and 16 analogue channels, allowing for more secure channels within a wide range with a guarantee of little to no interruption. Optional Icom headsets are also available, allowing you better control over what you can hear as well as more privacy and a hands-free experience. 

Up to 26 hours of long-lasting battery life is guaranteed for a majority of Icom radio communication equipment, allowing it to be used for longer in extremely important circumstances, such as coastguards and nautical vessels. 

In general, most Icon radio communication equipment is slightly waterproof, with the ability to withstand one meter of depth in water for up to 30 minutes, making it ideal for coastguard and nautical vessels. 

Various types

Digital two-way radios, made primarily to work on digital channels, has up to 512 channels available for people to communicate. With password availability and a time-out clock, the digital two-way radios from Icom are generally secure and great for more private matters. Working at 25W at 100 percent operation and 50W at 50 percent, the digital two-way radios are reliable, safe and extensive. 

Specially made Icom marine radios meet marine, PBR and military requirements, making it extremely secure and reliable. Built to waterproof standards, you won't have to worry about any water damage while at sea. With a 1700mAh battery, marine radios can last up to 15 hours. 

HAM radios are designed in particular to pick up faint radio signals as they are intended to be used by amateurs in emergency situations, being equipped with high-speed automatic antenna tuners, making functioning it even quicker and able to help in an emergency.