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Icom Radio Communication Microphones

Icom Microphones

Icom is considered to be one of the worlds leading radio and radio accessories manufacturers. The company offers an extensive range of two-way radio and navigational products, all of which are designed to the highest specification. There is a range of different types of Icom microphones, and like all Icom products, they are compliant with radiation and radio frequency regulations and specifications, reducing interference and improving safety.

Icoms range of radio communication microphones for Icom radio equipment includes speaker microphones, hand microphones, earphone microphones and computer desktop microphones.

Icom desktop microphone

Icom offers several desktop microphones in its range. The SM-30 Desktop Microphone is an entry level goose-neck PTT/PTT lock switches. It is designed to work with Icoms HF base station radios and has an 8-pin metal connector, adjustable microphone output levels and low-cut filter.

At the upper end of the Icom desktop microphone range is the SM-26 Desktop Microphone, which features an 8-pin modular connector and compatibility with Icoms VHF/UHF mobile radios and repeaters. The Icom SM-26 is designed to be affordable for the private mobile radio market.

Icom speaker microphones

The range of Icom marine and aircraft radio transmitters are designed to be used with its large selection of speaker microphones.

The Icoms HM-MCA.001 is a durable speaker microphone that comes with 3.5mm mono socket for an earpiece. Using an earpiece with the microphone enables you to receive incoming calls in challenging audio conditions. This Icom speaker microphone works with the IC-M71 and IC-M1EuroV VHF Marine Hand portables, and also with the IC-GM1600E Survival Craft Radio.

Icom earphone microphones

Icom earphone microphones are made for used with radio transmitters. The HM-166/L/LP earphone/microphone series are suitable for commercial users and active amateur radio operators and are designed to produce high quality audio for clear communications and to be extra durable.

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