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See in the Dark with an Illuminated Keyboard

An illuminated keyboard is a computer keyboard with typing keys that are backlit, making them visible in low light conditions. Colours add flair and functionality, especially for gamers or people who spend long periods at their computers. Choose from a large array of illuminated keyboards on eBay .

What features should you look for in an illuminated keyboard?

There are a number of key features to consider when purchasing illuminated computer keyboards and keypads, such as whether they will be used for working or gaming:

  • Wireless: While gaming on a large screen, a wireless keyboard gives you mobility, allowing you the option to change positions while working or playing games.
  • Wired: If you are going to stay in one place, then a USB-connected keyboard may be adequate for your needs.
  • Durability: Consider if the illuminated keyboard is going to be used a lot. If so, look for hard-wearing construction. An aluminium-framed keyboard is stronger than a plastic one.
  • Colours: Keyboards with colour and light controls can offer more options for gamers. For example, you may be able to set the colours of combat keys while gaming so that you can easily see shortcuts. Look for a keyboard that lets you set a particular colour for a particular key.
  • Range: Does the keyboard offer a range of colours in its lights or a single setting? A colourful keyboard can make a fine style statement.
  • Comfort: Look for comfort features, like soft keys, quiet keys, or built-in hand rests.
  • Illumination: Look for a keyboard with illuminated characters, not just a backlit board. These enable typing or gaming in the dark.
What’s the difference between a membrane keyboard and a mechanical keyboard?

On a mechanical keyboard, each key has a switch under the keycap. On the other hand, a membrane keyboard has keys that are triggered by an electrical current which runs through a thin membrane.

What special types of illuminated keyboards are available for gamers?

For gamers, there are three types of illuminated keyboard. The majority are all-purpose standard keyboards with backlights. For specialised gameplaying with cooperative games, consider an MMO keyboard with extra macro keys. These are larger and can often be more costly than standard illuminated keyboards. There are also small, portable keyboards without number pads that are available.

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