Kitchen convenience with InSinkErator

InSinkErator produce waste disposers and steaming-hot kitchen taps for the modern kitchen. Make your kitchen space as efficient as possible with these kitchen supplies to make the most of your cooking. Discover the ideal waste disposal units and elegant kitchen taps for you right here on eBay. 

InSinkErator waste disposal units

Choose from a range of InSinkErator waste disposal units, including the Model 66 food waste disposer. This model is made to cater for large households with a lot of food waste. Fitting under your kitchen sink, this waste disposal unit is compact and hidden. Eliminate any potential germs from your household by throwing all of your food scraps down your kitchen sink to be ground up, rather than sitting in the bin. 

The .75hp motor makes quick work of most food waste, including vegetables, fruit, bread and even fish bones. Food waste is ground down as small as possible before being sent down the drain, removing the lingering smell from your home. Quiet sound reduction technology keeps your home quiet when the Model 66 is operating and the large 980ml capacity ensures that you can get rid of large portions. 

InSinkErator kitchen taps

Get near-boiling water in seconds with an InSinkErator kitchen tap with a steaming hot water function. For the most versatility in your kitchen, go for a 3N1 model that includes normal hot and cold taps along with steaming hot water. 

Waiting for hot drinks is a thing of the past with these taps, and you won't have to keep descaling your kettle. Not only highly functional, the modern Italian design of these kitchen taps fits in well with any type of interior decor. An easy-grip hot water handle gives you full control over the flow of the water, whilst the sleek one-piece design is elegant yet subtle.