Building insulation materials and supplies

Keep the heat in during the winter months and stay cool during the summer months with building insulation materials and supplies. Choose from a range of different insulating products such as loft insulation, foil insulation and insulation boards to help your home stay efficient all year round. Whether you're looking to do it yourself or want to stock up on supplies, you can find a wide range of building insulation materials and supplies here on eBay. 

Loft insulation

Insulating your loft is a simple yet effective way to reduce heat loss and ensure your house is more energy efficient. There are two main types of loft insulation, loft floor rolls and loft floorboards. Loft floor rolls come in a range of different materials and thickness and are typically easier to lay than floorboards. It can be used as both top and base layers whereas insulated loft floorboards are only suitable for the top layer of insulation and still require loft roll for the base layer. 

Foil insulation

Foil insulation can be used to reduce heat loss in multiple places around your home including radiators, loft spaces and wall lining. It can also be used outside in sheds and greenhouses. Foil insulation is relatively quick and easy to fit and comes in a range of different lengths so you can find the right amount that you need. You can also find foil wrap which has been designed to insulate water pipes by trapping air within its structure. 

Insulation boards

Insulation boards can be used to insulate walls, floors and roofs making your home more energy efficient and warmer. For added protection, choose insulation boards that are water repellent, tear proof and resistant from fungus, mould and bacteria. Insulation boards are easy to cut and fit so you can shape them to the space you want to insulate. 

Top Products in Building Insulation Materials & Supplies

  • SUPERFOIL Garage Door Insulation Kit 6sqm 3mm Heat Reflective Reflector Bubble
  • Thermawrap 400mm X 5m Loft Wrap Easy Fit Insulation DIY Campers Caravans
  • Biard Double Layer Bubble Wrap Aluminium Foil Insulation JDAC0240
  • 100mm Knauf Earthwool Loft Insulation Roll 16m Squared.
  • Biard JDAC0205 Double Aluminium Bubble Foil Insulation
  • YBS Super Quilt Multifoil Insulation (1.5m x 10m)