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Inhalers & Nebulisers

Recover Quickly with a Nebuliser

To help yourself or your child quickly recover from an asthma attack, use a nebuliser. Devices available on eBay are used with different conditions, including COPD and bronchiolitis.

Should you get a jet nebuliser?

A jet nebuliser is ideal for people who need long treatments, which can last 10 to 20 minutes. These nebulisers use a larger medicine cup than other types, so they deliver more medication per minute. The particle size delivered with this type of device is not always the same, and since the motor is more heavy-duty, the compressor type lasts longer. While these nebulisers last a long time, some people do not like the noise associated with them.

What are the advantages of an ultrasonic nebuliser?

An ultrasonic nebuliser is preferred by people who are upset by loud noises, and is a better option for children who have autism or adults who have conditions that are negatively affected by loud noises. Since a fine mist is developed by using discrete ultrasonic vibrations, the particles produced are usually the same size, and this works well when an adult or child only needs to receive medication for six minutes or less.

What type of nebulisers are best for a young child?

Children who have a chronic medical condition may sometimes worry, and using a nebuliser that is bright and colourful can help to alleviate their anxiety. If your child spends more time at home or is home schooled, you may be able to use a unit that can fit on a table in their bedroom or another room. Consider the following when choosing a device for a very young child:

  • It should be easy to carry wherever the child goes.
  • It must be able to deliver the type of medication they need.
  • It should be easy for a parent or another adult to use in an emergency.
Can a nebuliser deliver antibiotics?

Yes. In addition to helping to break up mucus, a device can help to deliver antibiotics which can keep an infection from becoming worse. Your doctor will advise you on how best to use this health aid in that case.

Can an ultrasonic nebuliser deliver all types of medication?

No. An ultrasonic device can only be used to give medications that are not affected by heat, since the machine produces heat, and may change the nature of the medication. This type of device delivers less medication than some options, since it uses an 8 millilitre cup.

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