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Increase your Privacy with Curtain Lining Fabric

To create a relaxed and private environment in your home, use curtain lining fabric. Attractive options on eBay enhance your decor while reducing light levels in living areas. Most options are water-repellent and are available in colours to suit your decor.

Can curtain lining fabric reduce energy loss?

Yes, most curtain lining fabric on eBay is made to provide volume and insulation, reducing energy loss through your window, and helping to manage energy costs. Several options are designed to be lightweight and reduce light exposure without blocking the light completely while providing noise insulation. You can get flame-retardant blackout lining on eBay, which is opaque, so it totally blocks out the sun in your bedroom, allowing you to sleep easily.

Is polycotton curtain lining fabric suitable for kitchens?

A wide number of people use polycotton curtain lining fabric in hot areas like kitchens since it is more resistant to heat than many other man-made fibres. This blend of cotton and polyester will keep on looking good for a long time when it is placed in direct sunlight since it is not easily damaged by ultraviolet radiation, and air can easily pass through it, so you stay cool in your kitchen. Polycotton curtain lining does not absorb cooking smells, and it wrinkles less than pure cotton while being resistant to mould. The polyester in such curtains helps to prevent them from shrinking after being washed, plus it helps the linings to retain their colour. Polycotton linings are strong, and since they insulate well, they are great for any window in your home or office. Double-width curtain lining fabric made of natural or man-made materials can improve your lifestyle in the following ways:

  • Some options on eBay provide protection from oil marks and water-borne streaks.
  • Several types of curtain lining fabric are resistant to wrinkles, so they require little maintenance.
  • Insulating lining for curtains can increase productivity by providing noise insulation in your office.
Can flame-retardant curtain lining fabric protect your curtains from rain stains?

Flame retardant curtain lining fabric is designed to help business people comply with the fire code in their area, and it can also block light to an extent while providing noise insulation. It does not usually protect your curtains from rain stains, so water-repellent curtain lining fabric is a better option in rainy areas.

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