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Internal Desktop CD, DVD and Blu Ray Drives

If you have a desktop computer, it may be that your machine doesn't have a media drive built in. So you may wish to insert one of the range of internal desktop CD DVD and Blu Ray drives for yourself, to expand the range of media you can access on your machine.

Or perhaps your computer's internal drive has broken or become damaged. So you may want to fit a replacement one, saving yourself some money rather than going to the expense of replacing the whole unit.

Some types of CD, DVD and Blu Ray drives for desktop computers

Some of the internal drives you can buy are designed simply for playing or accessing the disks you insert. These enable you to listen to music through your computer speakers , or watch your favourite films on the computer screen. Or simply to access programs and files that are stored on the disk in question.

Other types of drive allow you to record data onto the disk (a process known as "burning" the files onto the disk). A DVD or Blu Ray recorder drive will allow you to burn CDs as well as DVDs and Blu Ray disks, while a CD recorder will only allow you to burn your files onto a CD disk. There are many reasons you may wish to record your data in this way, such as for backup purposes or if you need to make a copy of something to give to someone else.

Many household name brands produce their own internal desktop drives, or you can choose an unbranded generic version.

You should always ensure you know what you're doing when you fit any components into your desktop computer . PCs are designed to store electricity and can be dangerous when opened up. Also, you may damage some of the sensitive internal workings of your computer by mishandling it, so always ensure you follow the instructions and are careful with what you're doing.

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