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Got one to sell?

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Internal Hard Disk Drives

Looking to enhance your PC's performance? An internal hard disk drive (HDD) could be just the thing to help your computer run more efficiently, providing more storage space as well as equipping your machine with better performance for handling any day-to-day tasks. An internal hard disk will be fitted inside your computer CPU or tower meaning it won't easily be degraded or corrupted.

Browse for drives from trusted brands like Toshiba, Samsung, OCZ and more. You'll find hard disks with storage capacities of 160GB right up to a colossal 6TB, the latter of which can stash up to 1,500,000 music files, 1,200,000 digital pictures and nearly 460 hours of HD playback. You can also shop by interface, either SATA III, SATA II, SATA I or USB 3.0. Discover various internal hard disk drives from trusted brands including Samsung, Hitachi and Toshiba

Choosing a Drive

When selecting your new internal hard drive, you'll need to look at its storage size. If you're a business user, a 6TB drive is a good option, whilst home or small business users may prefer the smaller 250GB to 500GB.

Other key considerations to think about are the form factor and interface with the most common for computer owners being 3.5” or SATA III respectively.

Connection Interface

SATA, or Serial Advanced Technology Attachment, employs serial signalling technology to store your data. A single cable with a minimum of four wires creates a point-to-point connection between devices. SATA hard drives are enhanced versions of ATA HDs, with better performance. Choose from either SATA I, SATA II or SATA III.

Form Factor

Form factor is a term used to describe the size of the hard drive. For most desktop PCs, 3.5” HDDs are ideal whilst 2.5 or 1.0” options are for laptops and smaller consumer electronics respectively.

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