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Add Features to Your TV With a Smart TV Box

You don’t need a smart TV to enjoy intelligent features. A smart TV box can connect to your existing television via HDMI, USB, or another connection to give you access to streaming channels, apps, games, and much more. eBay offers a broad selection of new and preowned smart TV boxes that are affordably priced and available in a wide range of configurations.

Can you connect a smart box to any television?

Yes. Smart boxes are generally not dependent on a brand, model or display type. The box delivers the content to the screen as a cable box or over-the-air antenna would. The important thing is that your television supports at least one of the output types provided by the box that you choose. Almost every smart-TV kit supports HDMI and so do most televisions, making compatibility issues rare.

Is a remote control required?

While this can vary from one brand and model to the next, the answer is generally yes. Most smart boxes for TV are designed to be controlled remotely and will usually include their own remote control. Additionally, many products within this family are designed to be universal. That means that you may be able to use your smart remote with your television or even use your TV remote with your smart box.

How do you connect smart TV boxes to the internet?

Your media box will connect to the internet via your local area network or LAN. That means it requires a connection to your router or mesh, and that will require a physical Ethernet connection or a wireless connection. Most boxes have built-in Wi-Fi, and you’ll just need to point it to the appropriate router and enter a network password as required. Once a physical or wireless connection has been established, your box and router/mesh will handle the rest.

What is a smart TV box?

Smart TV is a broad term that refers to televisions that can access local networks and the internet. They can also stream movies, play games, and tell you the weather. A smart TV box, or media box, is a device that adds these smart features to practically any television. You can use such a box to enhance a TV that lacks these features, or you can use one to upgrade a TV that has features that have become outdated or outmoded. Common smart features include:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Internet-browsing capabilities
  • Universal search functions
  • Streaming services
  • Social media integration
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