Maintain the Integrity of Your Screen with an iPad Mini Digitizer

The odds of breaking the screen on your iPad mini can be high if you perform lots of activities. Apple will compensate users if they happen to receive a product with a defective glass display, but if your display cracked because you dropped it, you'll need to replace the screen at your own expense. If you buy your own iPad Mini digitizer, you can save yourself some money. eBay has many iPad Mini digitisers available to choose from.

If you can still view images on your device, why do you need to replace the digitiser?

A digitiser is the part on your screen that is used to convert signals from analogue to digital. Digitisers are positioned over the LCD, so when you press or swipe your touchscreen, the actions are converted into digital signals that your device can understand. The digitiser can be damaged even if the LCD is still intact, which is why you can often view and use your iPad Mini with a cracked screen. However, if you can’t see any images at all, you'll need a full LCD screen repair replacement kit.

How can you identify an original LCD digitiser?

Generic LCD digitisers will typically be very cheap compared to genuine units. This is because they do not utilise original Apple components. To determine if a digitiser is an original Apple product, you can check the thickness of the glass. Apple uses a relatively thin layer of glass for its digitisers. Generic manufacturers tend to produce thick digitisers that feel different to the touch. An original LCD will also have a V-shaped marking etched into the surface.

What is included in an LCD replacement kit?

A full LCD screen replacement kit is made up of three major components. You can purchase them separately or as a complete set:

  • A digitiser: Look for an original digitiser by checking product details and the thickness of the glass.
  • LCD display unit: Original Apple LCD screens will not have dead pixels and deliver quality images, even after being replaced.
  • Digital flex cable: Data from the LCD digitiser is transferred via a flex cable or ribbon. It should be attached to the glass and compatible with the digitiser.
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