Restore Your Display with an iPad Mini Screen

Have you noticed a reduction in touchscreen sensitivity on your iPad Mini, or perhaps you've managed to somehow scratch or crack the glass LCD display? If so, you don't have to buy a new iPad Mini to regain full functionality. Instead, save some hard-earned cash and restore your iPad with a replacement iPad Mini screen. eBay has many iPad Mini screens to choose from.

How do you decide which iPad Mini screen to buy?

In order to choose the right screen replacement kit, you'll need to know which version iPad Mini you own. Even though all iPad Mini models appear to be very similar in design, there are subtle differences between some of the models. Each generation of iPad may have a different layout for internal components, and the LCD and touchscreen technology can vary as well. To choose the right screen, you'll need to identify the model number of your iPad Mini. To ensure you buy a compatible iPad Mini screen, here's how you can find out which iPad model you own:

  • Check the small print on the back of your iPad Mini. If your device is a newer generation iPad, it might not detail the model number on the body.
  • Navigate to the settings menu on your iPad and select the 'General' option. From this menu, touch the 'About' option and then click on the part number identifier, located to the right of the subheading labelled as 'Model'.
  • Bring your iPad Mini to a mobile phone store or you can contact the manufacturer's customer support team.
Do screen kits include all the components needed to replace the screen?

Yes, most iPad Mini screen repair kits come complete with everything you'll need to swap out your broken display with the new one. iPad Mini screen kits will typically come with a glass panel, an LCD, a digitiser, and a small tool set. If your iPad touchscreen sensitivity is fine, you can save money by purchasing a kit without a touch digitiser. In addition, if you need to replace the home button, you can buy one separately or purchase an all-inclusive kit that comes with a replacement home button. However, if your home button isn't damaged, save yourself some money and look for a screen kit only. LCDs and digitisers will usually come attached to the glass panel. Screen kit contents can vary, so refer to individual product descriptions for details.

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