What You Should Know About an iPad Plug for Your Tablet

An iPad plug contains all the proprietary hardware and mechanisms necessary for charging your Apple device. These plugs are available on eBay in a variety of forms to suit your situation or preferences. You can explore the iPad plug options in eBay’s collection to learn how they work and which ones can benefit you.

What types of iPad plugs can you get?

You'll find several types of iPad plugs on eBay. Each type caters to a specific need or situation. Some common options you can browse through for these plugs are:

  • Standard: The standard iPad plug acts as the main charger for an iPad. It works with your wall outlet to provide power to your device once it is plugged in and connected to your device.
  • Adapter - An adapter iPad plug typically works with your vehicle. It can interface with your car's dashboard to provide power to your tablet while you are travelling.
  • Micro-USB - The iPad plug typically uses proprietary Lightning interfaces to charge your Apple devices. You can get a micro-USB plug that allows the unit to interface with other types of ports for your convenience.
  • Cables - Many iPad plugs are equipped with at least one cable by default. You can purchase extra cables in addition to the plugs to ensure that you have extras on hand.
Can you get iPad plugs in different lengths?

An iPad plug usually includes at least one cable of a specific length. The length of the cable has measurements in metres. You can use these measurements to estimate the type or length of cable you might need. An iPad plug for your car might need a shorter cable than the one you would use in a large room. If you have a specific length requirement, you can choose it from the categories on eBay. The site will show you all the options that meet your minimum requirements. Some common cable lengths for these plugs include 3, 5, or 10 metres.

What conditions can you choose for Apple iPad plugs?

You can find iPad plugs in brand new conditions and various used states. Note that most used items should function like new. In some cases, even used items can come with their original packaging. Some common categories you will come across are:

  • Used: A standard used plug should function normally when you plug it in, but it may feature normal cosmetic blemishes on its surface.
  • Refurbished: These plugs are used, but the manufacturer has restored them to factory condition. They should look and function like new iPad plugs.
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