Replacement iPhone Charger Buying Tips

Apple devices are designed to be charged and transfer data with certified charging cables. The type of cable used and the length of the cord are dependent on the device being charged. There are many low-priced iPhone charger cords available on eBay.

Are iPhone chargers all the same?

Yes and no. All iPhone chargers deliver a lighting-fast charge and have a USB port connector. But, some phones use different attachments to the phone itself depending on the model being used. All iPhone chargers created by Apple are rated at 1 amp. The earliest iPhone models had a larger connecting port than newer models.

Charging cords that are compatible with Apple iPhones but not created by Apple may have delivery charging capacities greater than 1 amp. Some compatible cords can deliver amps in excess of 2 amps, which helps charge devices very quickly.

What's the fastest Apple-certified iPhone charger cord?

Apple recommends its users use an Apple-certified charging cord. The Anker PowerLine cable cord is Apple certified. This charger charges devices incredibly fast and transfers data as well. The cord is extremely durable because it is reinforced with Kevlar, which reduces the risk of the cable fraying. To further decrease the risk of fraying, Anker reinforced all the charging cables' stress points.

Charging cords that aren't reinforced with Kevlar are covered in non-flammable plastic. The charging cord is less likely to fray if the cord is properly taken care of. For instance, the cord shouldn't be wrapped around the phone and should be replaced if it shows any signs of wear or tear.

Can an iPhone be charged wirelessly?

Yes and no. Not all iPhone devices can be charged with a wireless charging device. iPhone users who are tired of lightning cables will be glad to know there's an Apple-certified wireless charger available for newer model devices. Phones that can use a wireless iPhone charger include the iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8. Users can identify phones that are able to use wireless charging if they are QI-capable.

How long is the standard iPhone cord?

The standard iPhone charging cord is white in colour and about 1 metre long. It is possible to order short cords that measure about 0.61 metres. The longest iPhone charger cords measure 1.83 metres long. Almost all iPhone charging cords are white in colour. However, it is possible to find charging cables that are brightly coloured. The most popular cord lengths are the following:

  • 1 metre long
  • 1.83 metres long
  • 0.61 metres long

See the manufacturer site for details.

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