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JURA bean to cup coffee machines

Make barista style coffee from the comfort of your own home with JURA bean to cup coffee machines. Simply add ground beans to the machine, press a button and you're done. You can enjoy your favourite drinks, from espressos to lattes. You'll find a bean to cup coffee machine to fit your home right here on eBay. 

JURA E6 bean to cup coffee machines

Designed for homes where space is a concern, the JURA E6 machine is a compact yet functional coffee machine. Various systems work together to make for the best-tasting coffees every time. 

The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.), unique to JURA machines, creates seriously flavoursome espressos in an amazingly quick time. Keep on top of cleaning your machine thanks to the Intelligent Water System that detects whether a JURA filter is in use. 

Simply press a button to get an espresso, coffee or cappuccino, and press another for milk foam. This time-saving device can also make two espressos at once, perfect for you and a friend. 

JURA Z6 bean to cup coffee machines

Or go for a JURA Z6 bean to cup coffee machine in a subtle black design that fits in with every style of kitchen. JURA's P.E.P. technology creates delicious espressos whilst filling your home with beautiful coffee aromas. 

The built-in milk nozzle lets you add foamy milk to your drinks whilst the super easy to use display lets you make drinks with ease whilst the names and positions of drinks on the display are changeable. 

JURA GIGA 5 bean to cup coffee machines

Add some professional-grade equipment to your home with a JURA GIGA 5 bean to cup coffee machine. With two times the power of other models from the double grinders, heating systems and pumps, you can create two drinks at once. The grinders are made from high quality and long-wearing ceramic so you always get consistent grinding.