Jewellery Display

Jewellery Display Items

Keep your accessories neatly in order with jewellery display items, whether you prefer simple and understated or quirky and fun.

Whether youre a fan of delicate jewels or exciting acrylic jewellery, jewellery plays a key part in your outfit and allows you to express your personality. Often, your pieces will have an important meaning to them and youll want to keep them safe and on display.

A common material for jewellery display stands is velvet. It is a great material to showcase your accessories as it is soft against the metal, meaning that it wont cause any damage or abrasions and choosing a black velvet stand allows your jewellery to contrast against it, standing out more.

Choosing a metal or wire stand allows you to have lots of hooks and holders to keep all of your pieces on, allowing you to layer your jewellery and therefore display more.

Necklace Stands

Necklace display stands are probably the most versatile and youll find loads of different ones to choose from whether you prefer a tree style or a box. A really popular way of displaying necklaces is on a bust, although this may require a little stacking of the necklaces.

Ring Displays

Similar to watches, a great way to display rings is in a box with a glass lid to view them through. You can find boxes with padded velvet inners to slot your rings into, much like a normal ring box. This keeps them protected and separated from each other, stopping any metals from damaging others.

Earring Displays

For stud earrings, you can easily display them on a stud holder, which has holes to fit your earrings through. For a mixture of earrings, youll find so many different displays to hang or hook your earrings onto.

Bracelet Displays

A great way to display bracelets is on a T-bar rack so you can easily slip or clip your bracelets on and see where they all are. These stands are often made of velvet so are gentle on the material. For bigger collections, you can also find tiered stands.