Jewellery Packaging

Jewellery Packaging

Jewellery packaging is available in a selection of styles and designs. The packaging is typically used to store, present and transport jewellery items.

Different types of jewellery packaging

Small organza pouches are a popular modern jewellery packaging option. The lightweight sack shaped pouch is made from semi transparent mesh like fabric that is available in a wide variety of colours and sizes. The pouch has a finished edge and drawstring closure.

Cotton linen pouches have the same design as organza pouches but are made from soft, textured fabric.

Velvet jewellery pouches are an extremely luxurious option for storing your accessories. The drawstring bag is suitable for storing a variety of jewellery items.

Gift boxes are a practical jewellery packaging option that is available in many sizes, shapes and colours. The reusable boxes are mostly made from strong cardboard and feature a lift off lid.

High quality presentation boxes are generally made from faux leather and boast a velvet lined interior with hinged lid. Some boxes have removable pillows or elasticated straps to hold the jewellery piece in place. The presentation style boxes are suitable for necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.

The benefits of jewellery packaging

Multipurpose drawstring pouches are one of the most popular and versatile choices of jewellery packaging. The small and compact lightweight bags are suitable for a variety of storing and transporting purposes. The drawstring closure ensures that items stored inside do not accidentally fall out.

Drawstring pouches made from organza, velvet or cotton are durable and reusable. The wide range of available colours means that you can easily mix and match or coordinate your jewellery packaging display.

Presentation jewellery packaging is designed to perfectly accommodate a specific type of jewellery. The slim, rectangular and flat box is idea for a chain costume bracelet or necklace. The velvet liner usually features elasticated straps or internal velvet lined hooks that hold the jewellery securely in place. Square shaped boxes are perfect for pendant necklaces, rings or earrings.

Lightweight cardboard gift boxes are available in a wide selection of colours and sizes. The standard shapes fit individual pieces of jewellery. Most high quality boxes have removable soft fabric covered pillows, with insert slots for earrings and rings.

Choosing the perfect packaging for your jewellery

Lightweight fabric pouches, with drawstring closure, are perfect for storing individual pieces of jewellery when travelling. The soft fabric protects against scratches.

Rigid jewellery packaging is ideal for storing all types of jewellery separately. Choose the appropriate type of box for your item.