Jigsaws and Puzzles

Get your brain ticking with jigsaws and puzzles; choose classic jigsaws, 3D puzzles or brain teasers to really make you think.

Children’s Puzzles

Your little ones can learn all sorts of new skills with special puzzles for toddlers and young children. Puzzles help your kids to learn to recognise shapes, which is very useful when they are learning to read later on. They also help with hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem-solving skills, which all aid in their development.

Make sure that you choose jigsaws and puzzles that are relevant to their age and skill level.


A classic that will never go out of style, choose jigsaws from tens to thousands of pieces to keep you occupied and challenge your mind. Schedule some time each week for family jigsaw time or take some time alone to focus on the puzzle.

You can choose a range of scenes and images from cartoons to cityscapes. There are infamously difficult puzzles to push your skills, or choose your favourite picture. You’ll also find some vintage designs from famous artworks to steam trains and ships.

Brain Teasers

From classic Rubik’s cubes to new challenging puzzles, browse brain teasers to get your mind ticking. Start small with 2 x 2 cubes and build your way up to multi-piece puzzles; you can get puzzles with hundreds of pieces that will really take some thinking.

Whether you prefer cubes, spheres or pyramids, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. For something a little different, choose metal brain teasers in a variety of difficulty levels to give yourself a challenge.

3D Puzzles

If you want to build something worth keeping and displaying, 3D puzzles are a great choice. They’re similar to standard puzzles but you don’t just place flat pieces, they come together to build a 3D model. Choose something special or commemorative and build together as a bonding experience.