Keeping Dry in Style with Joules Wellies

Joules wellies are designed to suit male, female, slim, and large fits. Youll find mid-height, Chelsea, and slip-on styles with a huge range of prints and finishes. If you prefer a snug fit, the range will keep you dry and comfortable in smart-casual settings.

Which materials should you consider for your Wellingtons?

Wellies are designed for cold and moderate weather. Insulation varies with your choice of lining.

  • Synthetic rubber is appropriate for sub-zero temperatures.
  • Natural rubber outlasts most other soles and is thus a durable option for hikers.
  • Leather is slightly porous, so it suits warm temperatures of 5 to 15 degrees Celsius.
  • Fur lining warms your feet in chilly temperatures.
  • Sheepskin lining is breathable, keeping your feet cool during summer and warm during winter.
  • Jersey insulation is porous, so its best for temperatures above zero.
Do Joules wellies come in traditional sizes?

Joules wellies are slightly generous to make room for thick socks, so if you usually wear a size 4, you can choose a Joules wellie size 4 instead of shifting up a size. The Joules wellie calf size is 37.7 cm for knee-length boots and 35.5 cm for mid-length styles. Some wellies can adjust to slim calves with the help of a strap, while others offer extra width. Ankle-length wellies have a stretch gusset and circumference of 29.7 cm.

What benefits can you expect from Joules wellies?

Joules wellies mens and womens styles come in designs for various applications. Joules Downton wellies will keep you warm in the chilliest of weather. They have a fur lining and a padded style. The field wellie is 100% waterproof with an adjustable strap. Molly wellies have bright prints and a mid-calf height. Theyre made from natural rubber, so theyll resist the wettest weather. Joules Bee wellies have a bright print and are offered in short, mid-calf, and long boots. Joules Dog wellies are just as popular and come in a range of vivid colours. If you dont like the traditional Wellington aesthetic, womens wellies are also available in a trendy biker boot. To make your travelling life simpler, the brand has a foldable range.

How should you care for your boots?

Neoprene can be hand washed with a delicate soap and should always be dried off at the end of the day. Natural rubber requires regular conditioning to prevent white streaks from forming. Your leather wellies should be dried with a hairdryer after use and waterproofed with dubbin wax.

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