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Ideal for use at home, kettlebells are used for strength and resistance training. They are usually made of cast iron or rubber coated cast iron and come in various different weights and sizes. Kettlebells are an effective way to train your body and can help to develop core strength, increase power and improve your overall muscle development.

Kettlebells are space efficient and can be easily stored in your home. Weights typically start at 2kg and increase up to 40kg. Kettlebells are a versatile piece of equipment and offer flexibility in terms of the range of exercises you can perform. Kettlebells are available in a range of different sizes and designs. You can find vinyl, iron, neoprene and competition kettlebells in both new and used condition.

Smooth Handled Kettlebells

Some kettlebells have smooth and curved handles. An indication of quality with smooth handled kettlebells is that they can be gripped anywhere on the handle and not just on the top. Some people, however, prefer to have a finish with more grip when compared to others. Smooth handled kettlebells are usually available in set colours. Each colour will correspond to a weight depending on which brand you purchase.

Single Cast Mould

Single cast mould kettlebells dont have a seam or any rough spots at all. Some handles are welded on to ensure that the whole thing is sturdy. Competition kettlebells are often made to meet certain specifications. They can be made out of steel or they can be made out of cast iron.

They are used both nationally and internationally with strict regulations to ensure that they are of the highest quality. Single cast mould kettlebells are also available as competition kettlebells and can be used to train as such.

It is also possible for kettlebells to come with the weight printed on the front to make it easier for the athlete to know which weight is which without having to consult the manual that accompanies the set. Kettlebells are also available in extremely heavy weights. These are not included in standard sets or starter sets and are instead, intended for those who want to train harder and for those who have a much higher level of fitness.

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