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Keyboard Protector for iMac

To prevent damage from potential spillages or the rubbing off of letters, a keyboard protector for your iMac is a wise investment. Usually made from silicone, these are waterproof and fit tightly over your keyboard, preventing any liquid penetration whilst keeping full functionality. These work perfectly on an external wireless or wired keyboard. There are even a number of keyboard protectors available for the extensive range of Apple laptops.

Protection Against Damage

The overwhelming majority of keyboard covers for Apple products are fully waterproof, not only protecting against rogue spills and bodily oils, but also prevents crumbs, dust, dirt or hair getting into the cracks between the keys. This can extend the life of your keyboard as your keys won't get gunked up and decrease the amount of time you'll need to spend cleaning as, being waterproof you can wipe these protectors down with a damp cloth.


Keyboard protectors come in a variety of colours from clean white to sunburst yellow, hot pink and any other colour you can think of. Because Apple prevent customisation to their products by default, this is one of the only ways you can make your iMac a bit more 'you'.


Some keyboard covers focus on making you a bit more productive, providing handy computing tips at the same time as protecting your device. There are keyboard covers which have all of the Pro Tools drawn on so you know exactly what shortcuts you can use at any time, along with other versions for video editors or others professionals. These are invaluable for hobbyists, students and professionals alike who are involved in those areas. There are also protectors available for keyboards of different nationalities. Should you be using a Polish keyboard or an Australian one for example, you will have a protector available.

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